General Rules

General Rules

Kindly ensure that the child's name is written (with a marker) on all the items used by the child (Bag, Cap, Shoes, Tiffin Box etc) in school.

Please laminate the parent I-card or use plastic pouches provided by the school.

Check the School Bag / School diary daily. It contains important information for you.

The School Dress has been designed keeping in view the taste of children. Ensure that it is clean and hygienic.

Kindly have the photo of the person who will pick up your child pasted on the parent I-card.(Extra parent I- card is available on request) If you expect your child to come home on his own, (For Grade II Onwards only) you will have to submit an undertaking about the same.

In case of another person coming to pick up the child, the substitute is expected to have both the I - Card and a letter of authority.

No child will be handed over to a person not known to the teacher / security.

You are requested to come on time to pick up your child.

Please do not talk to the class teacher regarding your child's progress while picking up or dropping your child.

At the end of the school day, buses will leave first and the transition of the walkers will be only after the buses leave.

Parents are requested to refrain from waiting in the school premises during the school hours except for meeting the Principal or teachers by prior appointment.